Sunday, April 8, 2007

What to Say....What to Say...

Went to Commerce tonite with one buyin and started on an absolutely great table. There were tons of pots that were raised with 6 people going to flop. I never made any big hands during this period, just raised with Queens and when it got to the flop there was 300 in the pot and it was 10 high. A 10 got it all in against me and i won. I played quite conservatively on this table for about 4 hours as there was very stealing to be done with so many people in the pot. I was running well for a while and got up to about $1300 and then I made a total gambling call. A decent player raises to $45 in UTG or UTG +1 and a few people call infront of me, I have 10d 5d on the button and I call as well. There are 5 total going to the flop. The board comes 7d 4d 5c. The original raiser goes all in for $435 and it gets to me. Now, obviously this massive overbet is weird. I have played with this asian guy a bunch and he does this move with overpairs and with Big Aces such as AQ or AK if he raises them preflop. He likes to overplay his AK alot. So I wasn't getting pot odds expressly as I would have to call $435 to win ~$670 giving me odds of only about 1.5:1 but against AK I am a nice sized favorite (even against AdKd I am a 51%-49% favorite) and against anyover pair except 10s I am essentially 50-50 depending on if the overpair contains one of my diamonds or not. So it is a pretty break even situation as there was only one person behind me and I made sure to check his body language to see if he liked that flop at all before calling. I did call and it came 7 A with no diamonds and he had 9h 9s that held up. Again, not too bad of a call but it was a gambling situation and I felt i was running good at that point. Shortly after the table died down a little and wasnt as actiony as it had been because a few of the juicier players left. I managed to make a one card straight flush on a board of 6d 7d 9d 10d. I was on the button with 6h 8d. When an early position player bet out $60 into a $140 pot the guy to my immediate right claimed to fold the Ad after the hand. He was a crotchety older bitchy gentleman and I somewhat believed him though I would never subscribe to his philosophy. I was able to get a crying call on the river for $225 from a the Kd. Since the action died down a bit I became a bit more aggressive and tried to steal some pots and that didnt work out so well and after about 45 minutes of some missed pots and a few badly bet hands I was down to about $600. Then the 99 player from before raises to $40 UTG and the maniac on the table calls him. I have AsAh and I make it $120 because I am almost positive UTG has a pair but maniac has a well justified reputation of making ridiculous hands and obscure two pairs and I didnt want him to be in there too cheaply even though I was hoping to trap UTG. Both called and we saw the $360 flop come down Q J 7 rainbow. UTG checks quickly and I can see he is uninterested so it missed him and Maniac goes all in for $175. There is an outside chance UTG may have had something like AQ or AJ so I take a few seconds and call the $175 without raising to isolate and UTG folds 88 face up. Turn comes a 10 and river comes a 6 and maniac turns over the K 9 for the second nuts gutshot. 2 hands later I get my last $200 or so in with K9 against maniac's A9 on a 9 high board and he slowrolls me to boot! Once we get it all in on te 9d 4c 2d board, I say "I just have a 9" and he doesn't respond. And then when the 6d comes on the turn i say "Shit, you got me" and he responds "No you have the winner." The Js comes on the river and I turn over the K9 and then he triumphantly turns over the A9. Well if i just have a 9 and he has A9 how in the hell could I possibly have the winner? A good question indeed.

I don't regret much about how I played tonite. I did have one mistakenly played hand. After two limpers and the SB completing I raised to $55 with JsJc out of the BB. The limpers called and the SB folded. The $170 flop came down Ah 10h 7s. I checked because a woman called and the maniac called so i very well though the woman had some sort of ragged A and the manaic had the button and very well would have put it all in with 89 or anything if i bet. Both checked behind me. The turn brought an offsuit 9. I checked because I showed weakness on the flop and i was afraid that if i bet here I would be taken off it by an astute move from the maniac. I had most likely the best hand if no one had an Ace (and no one bet the Ace) but i also had a gutshot now. I had planned to check/call this card because of my position and the texture of the board but it went check check. The river brought an offsuit Q. And again it went checked all around and I turned over my JJ. Button maniac mucked and the woman showed Qc8c. She very well may have called with her open end on the turn if i bet so the result would have been bad for me but at least I would have been putting more money in with the best hand. I did not want to be bet out if i did bet the turn. Most likely i would have won the pot if I CB the flop but when there is more than 2 people in the pot and an A comes in a raised pot its usually -EV to CB out of position with no real draw. Its true that I could have value bet any broadway gutshots or heart flush draws to protect but that was easily counterbalanced by the possibility of the Aces hitting someone. The turn was a different story as the initial raiser (me) showed weakness on the Ace and those in position did not make a move at the pot.

I didn't lose a lot on the hand, only my initial $55, so I'm not beating myself over it. But every little to medium pot counts. If you can up your medium sized pot takedowns but 1-2 an hour that could be an extra $80-$150 an hour not too mention you could utilize it for cannon fodder in the big pots. That's precisely what I was doing in the 10d 5d hand ala Doyle's advice in Super System. The little pots are great but the living is made on the big pots.

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