Monday, April 9, 2007


ERG!!! For the 5th or 6th time I got into the made straight vs set situation and I lost again. It doesn't matter which side i am on, if I have the straight the board pairs, if i have the set it comes offsuit 2 3 on the turn and river. This time a mid position player raises to 40 and the guy right behind him calls, I call with Js8s in the cutoff and we see it 3 handed. The board comes Qc 9h 10h. Raiser checks, second guy bets 140 into the about 130 pot so I know he is strong but scared of the hearts. Based on how I have seen strong nut hands in the past I am almost positive he doesnt have KJ but I was willng to go broke against that if he did because I only had 400 behind. So I raised to 320 to get value and he went all in and I called. Turn comes 2c and of course the river comes Qd.

I was only there for 45 minutes. Outside of that debacle i made a decent play with a blocking bet earlier. I had 6c7c in the SB and it was limped around. 4 of us saw the flop of 4h 5h Jc. It got checked to the guy in position who bet 35. I called and the other two folded. The turn brough the Qs. I figured he had either a J or a flush draw so I most likely wouldnt have gotten raised. I decided to do a blocking bet and bet 40 into the 110 pot. He was taken aback and just called. The turn brough the 3c giving me the nuts. The pot was 190 and i bet 120. He didnt call so either he had a weak J or a flush draw. The blocking bet worked but unfortunately he didnt have a strong enough hand to call. Other than that I reraised someone with QQ and took it down preflop.


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