Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Back............or NOT?

So it seems I have not posted for a few months. This is mainly because I have always thought of this blog as a way to voice concerns, thoughts, and main points of interest i come across in my poker and chess life. As of the last few months, however, I have found few interesting things to comment on. There have been tournaments to annotate and analyze (and i still have them and should share them when i finally quit becoming lazy) but I have not had to many mind racking hands in cash play. This forum has never been one to post and bitch aboubt bad beats with no moral to be learned or just a log tally of my wins and losses for everyone to see. It has been more of an intellectual endeavor for me to voice my thought processes and opinions. Lately, those have been on the decline as I feel I might just not be playing very good people or situations have not dictated themselves to be much more than basic.

That being said I finally reached my Xbox 360 goal of 40K FPPs on pokerstars. Ironically enough, the day after i hit it, the Xbox 360 was taken off the list of possible prizes to claim!!! I did not order it exactly the time i hit 40K because it was 3am or so and i was tired and just turned off the comp and went to bed. At no point in time did i suspect that I was missing my last opportunity. I just received this email from the FPP VIP store guy...

Hello Daniel,

The Xbox has been removed from the VIP FPP store as there are worldwide
supply issue. We do not have an estimate as to when they will be
available again. I apologize for the inconvenience caused.


PokerStars VIP Team
So as you can see I am a little annoyed. Hopefully they will be back on the list soon or I will have to keep saving up for 140K or something like that for a big screen TV.

Hopefully more optimistic and thought provoking posts to come soon.