Saturday, April 7, 2007

Oy, well that was fun

2:30am. I decide to go to Commerce with 1 buyin and play. I am not tired or restless or in any state that would prohibit me from playing as this is my prime time. I get there, sit down at a nice table, get a bunch of limping hands 78s, 89s, J10 on the button, A4s. Make it one round and then on the 10th hand in my small blind I get two Red Kings. One EP limps, the button makes it 35 I raise to about 80 because I am down to about 260 at this point and I dont want to lose him. EP folds, button goes all in, I call and he has Aces. It comes 10 high and I call it a night.

Exciting? Yes I know.

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