Sunday, April 29, 2007

Check-Raise? No, CheckMate!

I haven't played poker since Thursday, so therefore, I haven't posted about it since then. Friday I intended to play but I ended up hanging out with Gwen instead. Yesterday (saturday) and today I played in the Los Angeles County Chess tournament.
I ended up with 3.5/5 but thats not as good as it sounds. I took a bye in the first round so I got .5 points and played a scrubby 1700+ in the 2nd round. He played as passively as possible and after about move 7 he started mirroring my moves and i was black! So i just quickly equalized, took advantage, and ground him down for the win. My 2nd round game I played a scrubby 1900+. I played like a jackass and blundered within the first 10 moves and never could recover. We eventually got to a Rook endgame where I was down a pawn and I couldn't hold.
Today I had two worthless games. The first was against a 1700 who played the Budapest Gambit against me. Not only did he play a poor opening, but he played it poorly and after 10 moves I was able to consolidate and keep the pawn without him having any of the usual compensation. He saced a piece for no attack and I won easily.
The second game was a Bf4 Grunfeld with me as black. For the third time I was up against a 1700 in this open tournament. He managed to hang an entire piece on move 13.
All this is, of course, very uninteresting. What i found odd was that in my 3 games against the 1700s, everyone of them played on for at least 10 moves in positions that were without question lost for them. The first game I had B +4 pawns vs B +1 pawn and I had to Q before he would resign. The 3rd game I was up a Bishop + 3 pawns and he waited until one move before mate to resign. The last game he played down a piece for about 20 moves and then finally resigned when I was up a piece and 3 pawns with a pawn on the 3rd rank primed to promote.

All in all, with my 3 wins, 1 loss and 1/2 point bye I am losing 3 rating points to go from 2024 to 2021. Yuck.

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