Saturday, April 14, 2007

Peanut Butter Wolf and an a good article for me and everyone like me

I didn't play or even think about poker at all today. It wasn't a plan or accident. I just decided to go see a live DJ set and hang out with friends instead of playing. KCRW hosts a once a month gala at the Getty Center entitled "Fridays off the 405" where they get an artist to perform in the museum courtyard from 6-9pm. Tonight was a DJ by the name of Peanut Butter Wolf. I am a fan of his work and also of his label Stones Throw Records .

That was fun and it was cool because I went by myself and just met some cool people. There were quite a few attractive women there that I talked to, so needless to say I am pleased with myself. The set itself was pretty sweet as PB said" since this is an all ages event , I can't play any songs with curse words so I'll just play all old school stuff". That's exactly what he did, most of the set was comprised of rare funky disco and 80s hip hop so the vibe was hitting me good. You know you're rocking when a girl in a wheelchair with a cast on one leg keeps getting up and dancing one footed until she has to either fall or sit back down. That's admirable enthusiasm right there. I can't say that I would have that kind of commitment.

After I left the Getty
, I went to my friend Jody's and stayed there drinking with him and his friends. He lives in westwood although he's a through and through Trojan. His brother Josh came into town who is quite an interesting guy and we talked about various topics from film, to YouTube, to pedophilia, to viruses from Cat Shit, to the Prague Revolution, to the subtleties of rural Japanese speaking. All in all, a fulfilling eventful evening for all parties involved.

Now that I am sitting on my couch at home blogging, I am reading a very well stated article from Todd Arnold in Card Player magazine. Its in the newest casino edition from April 11, 2007 with Larry Flynt on the cover. The casino editions come out so quick that the website cannot keep up so I cannot link you to the article as of yet. Its entitled "Unclog Your Brain", and essentially it involves what I am have been trying to do for a while in this blog. He states lots of things he hears not only his students say that are meaningless but tons of commonly occurring "facts" that are heard across a poker table that are, again, meaningless but also negative. These types of comments tend to ruminate among players running bad and lead to negative mindsets that curb favorable results. More on this later, I will update and post a link when Card player finally updates its site.

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