Saturday, April 21, 2007

I've Got My Intimidation Back!

Spent my Friday night with a nice session at Hollywood Park. I sat down with two buyins to the $400 game. I managed to lose my first buyin on the very first hand I played. I was dealth Ac 10c in the cutoff and limped after one limper, the button folded and the two blinds stayed in. We saw the $40 pot come down Qc 10s 2d. Everyone checked to me and I bet out $30 because I figured no one had a Q and I had the best hand in position. SB folded and the BB, an old woman with a ton of chips, min raises me to $60. Now I wasn't too happy about this, I'm never happy about getting raised, especially minraised. Then the first limper calls the $60 (He's S#G from previous posts). So all of a sudden I know I am no good but the pot has $190 in it and have to call $30 getting over 6:1 with 2nd pair top kicker, back door broadway draw and backdoor nut flush draw so I call. I figure no one is out there with AQ so unless the KJ is lurking (maybe S#G) then I have an A as an out as well. Well the turn card hits me pretty hard. Kc. Old woman checkraiser checks, S#G bets out a meek $60 into the $220 pot. I figure he may have KJ and now has top pair 2nd kicker with an open ended but he isnt too confident. I could raise him here with my 3rd pair, gutshot royal flush draw but its cheap enough and I have no idea where old woman stands even though she checked. So I just called the $60 into the $280 pot getting over 4.5:1. Then old woman check raises again to $300. I really don't like the double check raise too often, its quite a presumptious play that rarely turns out to be good. S # G is really unhappy and folds. Now all of a sudden There is almost $640 in the pot and I have only $270 left. Again, I have Ac 10c on a board of 2d 10s Qc Kc. I have the nuts with any J, any none pairing club and possibly an A or 10 as well. I am getting about 2.8:1 to call. I know she doesn't have AJ as that wouldnt make sense to min checkraise on the flop with a gutshot and I feel like she has a set of 22 either. So if she has one of the most reasonable hands, KQ, Q10, 10 2, or Q 2 for the BB then my A is drawing way live and in the case of KQ or Q 2 my 10 is drawing live as well. The best case scenario is if I am up against 10 2. Ironically, I have the least amount of direct outs to beat her but I have lots of counterfeit outs. Against 10 2, directly I have 8 clubs (all 9 -2c), 3 nonclub Jacks, and 3 Aces for a total of 14 direct outs. But I also have 6 counterfeit outs with 3 Kings and 3 Queens which would give us both two pair and my A would play. This 20 outer jumps me to a 45% equity making my call correct, of course. In the 2nd best case scenario if I am up against KQ I have 18 outs and 39% to win so its more than +EV to call. Third best scenario is I am up against Q 2 and I have 17 outs to win (every out I had against KQ except the 2c is now dead). Q 10 being the worst where I have no 10s as outs but all the club outs for a total of 15 outs and a 34% to win.

After a minute i went through the majority of this and called. She ended up having Q 10 and the 6h on the river obviously didn't improve me. S #G was pissed because he laid down KQ. He should be pissed at his mom and dad for lying to him as a kid telling him he was a boy when, in fact, he is a pussy. I still liked my call here.

I made $100 off the old lady on my second buyin when on the very next hand I raised with AKoff and she reraised to $100 out of the SB and I pushed allin for $400. She folded 10 10 face up. Then I made a full house out of the blind on her 7 10 on a board of 7 5 5 2 2 with my 56 and took another $100 or so off her. Then she left and I couldn't get all of my money back. But within about 30 mintutes I had gotten my full $800 plus $30 more. By then most of the action on the table had died and there wasn't too much money out there so I table changed to the other main game where there was lots of money on the table and a decent amount of action.

I played one hour on the first table and 4 hours on the second table. The second table was a perennial poker player's dream because since Alex (from the forum) and Joe (a regular at HP) were there I was given respect and I swear I showed down no more than 6 hands in that 4 hours. I played maybe 50 pots, stole around 25 of them, went all in about 5 times and called not once. I didn't really win any huge pots. I think the biggest one was maybe 700 or so. But I was just grinding the whole time. The risk on this table was very very low because i had tons of fold equity. Once i started accumulating chips it became easier. It very much helped that i had a great read on every player on the table so whenever someone came into a pot I could put them in a reasonble comfort level and range of hands and take them off alot of them. I swear, I made a few hands but nothing spectacular. I hit two pair a couple of times but never showed it down. I made a straight or two but they ended up being small pots that were shown down. Most of the time I was just taking $100 pots left and right, sometimes with the best hand, sometimes with a nice draw, or sometimes with nothing. This is what it used to be like about 6 months ago when i was running well. I played fewer hands back then but I got respect and was able to steal all the unwanted pots ala Doyle in Super System. I am not sure if anything has changed. Maybe my demeanor at the table exudes more confidence than it did during my rough patch so I am now much more intimidating than before. Possibly, or maybe I have just noticably improved in reading ability over the past few months? I hope so, either way, I'm looking to have this be a constant situation. My past few sessions have not really centered around the big pot as I was able to take down a bunch of mediums and never got into the big pot. But I stick by the philosophy of stealing mediums and smalls to use for cannon fodder in the big pot. That cannon fodder can stack up to a nice session sometimes though :). Also, my sessions have been shorter as of late. The reason for this is primarily I judge a table by the amount of action and the amount of money. Usually if the action is low but the money is high, I stick it out as the action can usually pick up. But the if the money is low then the action would have to be great in order for it make up for the low implied and bluffing odds. So after about 40 minutes of limped pots last night I decided to call it quits because the money was lessened and the only ones with alot of it were me and a few other tight players who seemed uninterested in playing. So I had no desire to try and steal blinds for a while and decided to leave after 5 hours with a nice $1300 profit.

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