Friday, May 29, 2009

Finally Turned in All Three!

So finally turned in all my graduate applications :

1) Turned in USC application in December 2008. Status: Accepted!
2) Turned in UC Berkeley MFE application in March 2009. Status: Rejected...:(
3) Turned in UCLA MFE application in May 2009. Status: Pending...should know by July 31st at the latest.

As of right now, I have committed to USC but if I get into UCLA I will 80% choose to go there because the UCLA program is only one year long and $27K as opposed to the USC program which is 1.5 years + and upwards of $40K.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


So I just ordered a MacBook via FULL TILT points. Which brings my total list of things purchased from the point systems of the Pokerstars and Full Tilt:

1. 42 Inch Flat Screen TV
2. MacBook