Saturday, October 31, 2009

Math 503 10/30/09

This one was a rather confusing lecture with the Linear Algebra 
review and the rushed Feynman-Kac Theorem discussion.  Hopefully, there is follow up on Wednesday's lecture.

Math 503 10.30.09
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Math 509 10/30/09

Sorry about this one, I got to class about 6 minutes late so the first bit is cut off.  I think I recovered the vast majority of the information though.

Math 509 10.30.09
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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Note on How to Watch the videos

These pencasts are synchronized recordings of the audio that is recorded and the notes my pen records as I write them.  So the best way to utilize these videos is to watch them and click on certain areas of the written notes to jump to, jump back to, repeat or emphasize the audio of a thing that is written.  Example:

 If halfway down the first page you see the outline of ITO FORMULA written on the page and you only care to review the ITO FORMULA you can use the red dot to pinpoint those words and click them to jump the audio and written notes to that point in time when the ito formula is being discussed.  This obviously allows for a saving of time and a much more pointed reviewing process.

Math 503 10/28/09

Math503 10.28.09
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Math 509 10/28/09

M509 10.28.09
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Econ 652 10/26/09

Econ652 10.26.09
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Math 509 10/26/09

M509 10.26.09
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Math 503 10/23/09

Math503 10.23.09
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Math 503 10/21/09

Math503 10.21.09
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Math 509 10/21/09

M509 10.21.09
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Math 509 10/19/2009

Bare with me on the audio for this one.  It is still a bit soft and hard to focus.

M509 10.19.2009
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Econ 652 10/19/09

Hopefully this transfers correctly.

Econ652 10.19.09
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Shift in Focus

Now that I am in Graduate School I rarely get a chance to play poker so I am going to shift the focus of this blog for the time being. I am going to start posting my notes from my classes here as essentially a storage space for them. I recorded them via LiveScribe which is a pen that has an infra-red camera and a digital recorder so it records the audio of my teachers combined and synchronized with what ever I write on the page. I may or may not be adding future poker analysis. So if you are in my math classes enjoy, if you are not, you will probably not like this blog for the next year or so.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The End of an Era

Last week, the old man died. That's right, my treasured 1995 Buick Regal slipped its transmssion and sounded the death knell of an age of revolutionary driving. It was a solemn week for me replete with crying spells and yelling to the heavens "Why not me lord, WHY NOT ME???". But to no avail. He was junked to the salvage yard today.

But on a lighter note, I have a new car now. A 2004 Infinity G35. So far its pretty bomb ass nice. I still have to take it into my mechanic to have a the full work-over done, but as I can tell the engine, brakes, and mechanical details all seem to be in working order. There was a small imperfection in the body kit but I have convinced the used car dealer to fix that on his dime. I just have to go to his place in the valley to have it fixed so I have to make that trek this week.

Out with the old, and in with the new....

Friday, May 29, 2009

Finally Turned in All Three!

So finally turned in all my graduate applications :

1) Turned in USC application in December 2008. Status: Accepted!
2) Turned in UC Berkeley MFE application in March 2009. Status: Rejected...:(
3) Turned in UCLA MFE application in May 2009. Status: Pending...should know by July 31st at the latest.

As of right now, I have committed to USC but if I get into UCLA I will 80% choose to go there because the UCLA program is only one year long and $27K as opposed to the USC program which is 1.5 years + and upwards of $40K.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


So I just ordered a MacBook via FULL TILT points. Which brings my total list of things purchased from the point systems of the Pokerstars and Full Tilt:

1. 42 Inch Flat Screen TV
2. MacBook

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Drunk Philophical Offerings

I just wanted to say that I hold the world in contempt. Take that as you will.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I just started the Ftops HORSE event so I will try to post interesting hands that happen in relatively real time. This may or may not work so lets see

First ridiculous hand: Stud high A perfect trap gone ridiculously bad!

TheNewMath: K K 9___raises

krazylouie: xx xx 5___brings-in___folds

Billy The Croc: xx xx A___folds

takinabeating: xx xx 6___folds

Will_B_D: xx xx 7___folds

beeffrank21: xx xx T___completes___calls

cobrakai111: xx xx T___calls___folds

4th Street - (11.67 SB)

ChasingIdiot: xx xx J 4___calls

TheNewMath: K K 9 K___bets

beeffrank21: xx xx T 8___calls

5th Street - (7.33 BB)

ChasingIdiot: xx xx J 4 J___checks___raises___calls

TheNewMath: K K 9 K A___bets___raises

beeffrank21: xx xx T 8 3___calls___calls

6th Street - (16.33 BB)

ChasingIdiot: xx xx J 4 J 4___bets

TheNewMath: K K 9 K A Q___calls

beeffrank21: xx xx T 8 3 2___calls

River - (19.33 BB)

ChasingIdiot: xx xx J 4 J 4 xx___bets

TheNewMath: K K 9 K A Q 3___calls

beeffrank21: xx xx T 8 3 2 xx___folds

Total pot: (21.33 BB - 2,560)

Hmmm....rough beat there. I called on 7th because there has to be more than 5% chance he would show up with AAJJ or QQJJ rather than 100% having JJJ44 since my up card is not a K or A its not immediately apparent that he understand I made trip Kings so he might be running his Aces up too fast. Granted that is quite unlikely but I bloated the pot so big when I was so far ahead now I have to call the river. If the pot only has 10 BB instead of 20 I think can fold it much more often.

Also, apparently the stud hand converter I am using does not want to put the suits in the HTML code or the .gif pictures arent transferring. Either way, the only important suits to note are beerfrank has the ten of diamonds and the 3 of diamonds which leads me to believe he calls off on a diamond flush draw on the capped betting.

2nd Hand: Omaha HI/Lo 8 or better: How to Quarter someone

Full Tilt Poker FTOPS Event #14 Limit Omaha Hi/Lo Tournament - t120/t240 Limit - 8 players

The Official Hand History Converter

ChasingIdiot (CO): t3435 M = 19.08

Hero (BTN): t4153 M = 23.07

krazylouie (SB): t4310 M = 23.94

Billy The Croc (BB): t5378 M = 29.88

takinabeating (UTG): t4382 M = 24.34

PrahladF (UTG+1): t4372 M = 24.29

beeffrank21 (MP1): t3097 M = 17.21

cobrakai111 (MP2): t7245 M = 40.25

Pre Flop: (1.5 SB) Hero is BTN with JJ of diamonds JJ of hearts 22 of spades AA of hearts

2 folds, beeffrank21 raises, cobrakai111 calls, 1 fold, Hero calls, krazylouie calls, Billy The Croc calls

Flop: (10 SB) 44 of clubs TT of hearts 33 of hearts (5 players)

krazylouie checks, Billy The Croc checks, beeffrank21 bets, cobrakai111 calls, Hero raises, krazylouie folds, Billy The Croc folds, beeffrank21 folds, cobrakai111 calls

Turn: (7.5 BB) 66 of spades (2 players)

cobrakai111 checks, Hero bets, cobrakai111 calls

River: (9.5 BB) JJ of clubs (2 players)

cobrakai111 checks, Hero bets, cobrakai111 calls

Final Pot: 11.5 BB

Hero shows JJ of diamonds JJ of hearts 22 of spades AA of hearts (HI: three of a kind, Jacks; LO: 6,4,3,2,A)

cobrakai111 shows AA of diamonds 22 of clubs QQ of diamonds KK of spades (HI: Ace King high; LO: 6,4,3,2,A)

Hero wins 5.75 BB

cobrakai111 wins 2.875 BB

Hero wins 2.875 BB

Obviously, this is a tremendously great spot for me. I think just calling on the button is much better than 3-betting here preflop because I do not want to risk isolating myself against any AAxx hand in which case I am a dog even though my hand is pretty. With only an A2 and no low back up my hand is not spectacular without some flop help. That being said, I got one of the best flops I could possibly hope for. Nut low draw, with nut flush draw, and an overpair that has chances of being good against the original raiser (beeffrank) who's an idiot. Then the turn brings in my low and I have the only other player crushed to 6 outs. He has no low insurance to counterfeit my low and he cannot catch the K of hearts or the Q of hearts. But he can catch one of the remaining two aces to crunch me with AK>AJ. But having him dead to 6 outs is a great scenario. The J on the river is only icing on the cake.


So I busted out on an infuriating hand. I accidentally closed the table also so I don't have the hand history to post but I have the relevant action still in my memory. We are playing 250/500 stud 8 and I am shortish with 1950. I am not committed with these chips but I can't really expect to play too many hands without getting them all in. So I pick up (A3)5 off when no Aces are shown and it folds to me, complete to 250. A new player to the table with alot of chips raises to 500 with a K up. Then it comes around to Beeffrank (refer to above two posts!) who then reraises to 750 when he only has another 700 behind and he is showing an 8. I call the 500 more with the best current low draw and most likely a live A, the K then puts the cap on it for 1000 total and we both call. Now the pot is 32-3300 and I essentially cannot fold unless I catch brick on 4th and brick on 5th for one bet. Even then its quite close. So of course, I catch a good 7, the K catches a Q, Donksteak 5000 catches a J, the K bets, donksteak raises all in, I call, and the K calls.

So the boards look like this:

big stacks: xxKQ

beeffrank: xx8J (now allin)

Hero: (A3) 57 where no one has two of the same suit showing.

I catch a 7 on 5 street, KQ catches a brick and bets, I raise the 1/3 bet more that puts me allin. Now here are the boards for the allin:

big stack: KQKQ9

beeffrank: 398J7

Hero: A3577

I catch K 3 for a final hand of A3577K3 or just 7s and 3s no low, beeffrank ends up with Q high I believe and KKQQ scoops the overly bloated pot and eliminates two people.

Thoughts on the hand you ask? Well, my hand is certainly playable. 3 connected low cards with an A is usually a better hand in the long run vs KKQ especially multiway. The problem is I have very few chips. But since the end of the previous razz round the table has gotten manaical. Ever pot was huge and people were just throwing chips around without regard. I was not even able to play a hand in the preceding stud high round because every pot was raised or reraised ahead of me. This was due in no small part to beeffrank's obvious tilt/drunk/idiot/chip dump/cheater strategy. All in all, I was way correct to put my chips into the pot at every point in this hand even when I was all in on 5th street. If you do not believe me you can check out

Essentially, beeffrank putting all his dead chips in the pot forced the KK to overvalue his hand (which just reveals the KK's lack of knowledge about stud 8) but once he hits KKQQ, he is not going anywhere given the pot size and my chips situation. This caused a chain reaction of me being forced to go to the end as well which invariably made the variance of the numbers from the above website much, much, much higher than they needed to be. Stud 8 is not supposed to be high variance game,in fact, it is theoretically the lowest variance game when you play a strong low-based game because so often you are getting at least half the pot back and sometimes hogging the whole pot. Hence the comment at the beginning of this hand. The donk, beeffrank, got me donk blasted and left me no maneuverability and caused the variance to eat me up. It must be reiterated, though, that my chips WERE below average prior to this hand and I was approaching the danger zone so it is not as though I went from chip leader to rail but I think my point is clear.