Monday, April 28, 2008

Absolute Bitch Post

I hate to make bad beat posts and I especially hate starting the new blogging year (admittedly 4 months late) off with bad beat posts but this is getting a bit ridiculous. For some reason, springtime (april in specific) does something to people. It could be the extra tax break money burning a hole in their pocket or the spring time hormones fueling their chasing/pushing aggression at the poker table but I get the most and most astonishing bad beats during the spring time. Last year from about March 25-May5 or so I lost about $20K on severe ridiculous beats and the tilting aftermath of them. This year, March has been my best month ever, but April is just sickening. Fortunately, I have been getting all these ridiculous beats at "opportune" times. "Opportune" meaning these beats are turning my winning sessions into break even or small losing sessions for the most part. Alot of the times I will be up in the game when these things happen. It would seem that softens the blow but if you think about it, those winnings were still mine before I get beat.

Here is just a cross-section of some of the ridiculousness, by no means all of.

My hand: 2s 2c My opponents hand: QcQs

Flop: 2d 10d 9c Turn: Kh River: Jh

My hand: 7d 7h My opponents hand: Ad As

Flop: Kd 10d 7c Turn: 5d River: Jd

My hand: Jc Jd My opponents hand: 8c 3h

Flop: 10c 2d 4h Turn: 6c River 5h

And my new best selling favorite ass fuck brand beat of the month:

My hand: 8d 9s My opponents hand: 8c 4c

Flop: 5c 6d 7s Turn: Ac River: 7c