Thursday, April 19, 2007

Sometimes Shorter is Better

I went up to Commerce tonight with 2 buyins. The first table I sat at immediately became short handed before I played a hand. I then shifted into short handed mode and started playing my hands in a much more aggressive manner. This didn't work out well because I lost a buyin in 10 minutes with top pair Q kicker vs top pair A kicker. That table broke and i went to a great table. I started off the with AK my first hand, raising and CBing and taking down the pot. Then the very next hand i got AcQc, raised hit an A and CBed and took down a nice pot. This pretty much set the standard for that table. It was a fairly passive table with one kind of maniacal player. So i was able to run over the table for a little period. There was one passive guy who i busted twice. I limped with Jh10h UTG and it got limped around 5 ways. The board came Kh Qc Kd. It got checked to and led with half the pot. It got folded to our villain in the SB who just called and the BB folded. Now based on how passive he was i put him on a weak K immediately. I was checking this one down. The turn brought the Ac giving me broadway. He checked again and since I was positive he had a weak King I was going to push him. So i led for 100 into him and he just called. The river brought the 6c putting a flush out there. He led out for a $100 and he only had another $150 behind so i put it all in and he called with K5 and gave it all away.

Later, against the same guy i had another big hand. I limped in early to mid position with Kd 10d. Again, it was passive limped with him in the BB who checked. The board came 10h 3c 5c. Both blinds checked and I led for $35 into the 5 way $50 pot. Everyone folded but our favorite villain in the BB who called. Again, I didn't have him on a flush draw, although it wsa possible. I put him on a 10 with a decent kicker, something like Q 10, J 10, K 10 as well. I figured with A 10 he would have led into it. The turn brought the interesting 10c. So the board is 10c 10d 3c 5c. He checks and I again led with $100 because not only did i feel as though I was value betting a lesser 10 but if he had something like Jc 10s I didnt want him to backdoor into a flush. He called and the river brought the absolutely fabulous Ks. He checked and I pushed all in, he only had $250 left and had to call $250 to win about $550. He called and I again broke him.

I did get into a situation with the maniac. After 3 limpers, I was on the button with 4h 7h and i limped as well. Both of the blinds stayed in so we saw it 6 handed. The $60 pot came out 10 10 9 with two hearts. SB checked, BB checked and the maniac in UTG checked. 2nd position bet out $30 and I called to take one off in position with a heart draw. Since the bettor was fairly tight I thought i was up against a 10 and could get some passive action from him if the heart comes. UTG maniac called as well when the two blinds folded. The $150 pot turned the Jh. This seemed like a pretty good card for me. UTG maniac immediately pushes all in for $450 into the $150 pot!!! Original Bettor folds and there I am with a 7 high flush against a known maniac (I had seen him play earlier in the night) getting 1.3:1. I was befuddled. Based on how he played trips earlier I decided he did not have a boat or a 10. That leaves the straight, flush, and a total bluff. Obviously, I beat a bluff and a straight but if he has a flush its most likely better than my 7 high flush. I told him he makes some money if he bets less as I show him my 7 high flush and he triumphantly presents his Qh 8c. He did have a nice redraw but that was a bit ridiculous.

On a side note, listen to how he went broke. He limps on the button with about $6-700. Both blinds stay in and the three way $30 pot sees a flop of Qc 6s 3c. It gets checked around. The turn brings the 4s. It again gets checked around. The river brings the 10c. So the board is Qc 6s 3c 4s 10c. Both blinds check and our hero maniac bets $200 into the $24 pot. The SB starts talking to the maniac and eventually goes all in. Before the BB can even fold, the button immediately calls all in and triumphantly turns over his 5c 7c. His nut turned straight was good until the river as the SB shows his Kc6c. And the $24 turn pot becomes a $1300 raked river pot for the SB. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After he went broke , he left and the only other money/targets on the table left. As I was feeling a bit groggy and didn't really want to grind against all the short tight stacks or move to a new table, I decided to call it a short session of only 3 hours. I still made $545 which is a pretty good rate of just over $181 an hour for 3 hours.

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