Friday, April 27, 2007


So apparently i haven't posted for a few days and everyone is up in arms. I had a good session over at HP a few days ago where I just got hit like a brickhouse. I played for only 1 hour and hit massive hands and made +$2445 in one hour!! Basically I made 2 pair over 2 pair, top two vs overpair, etc... and was getting paid off. My best hourly rate yet.

Tonight, however, was a bit of a different story. I played in the $500 unrestricted buyin. The game was not spectacularly good as there were a few tight regulars. Fortunately, there were a few marks in the game and i did well but got nailed by one everytime. A guy named Kevin. He was not a good player in any respect. He wasn't too aggressive, in fact, he was a bit of a calling station. But he liked to chase and he always seemed to get there. He was playing tons of hands despite raises. I got a decent amount of hands, QQ twice, KK twice, AA twice. He made the nut flush on me when I had KK. He made the nut flush on me when I had AJ raised and hit an A (he had Kd10d). On one hand I raised to 60 in early position. Kevin called in position and we saw the $130 flop heads up. It came down 9h 7h 3d. I bet out $115. He called. The turn came the Kc. I was almost positive he had a flush draw so I bet out $225 into the $260 pot and he called. The river brought the Jh and I checked and he bet enough to put me all in. I had about $440 left. I folded because there was no concievable hand I could beat. The heart flush got there, if he was phising with high cards like AK on the flop he got there, if he had open ended and called two bets with 10 8 he got there. I could beat A9 and 1010. Both wouldn't warrant this type of action and like I said, he wasn't too aggressive. I am sure he made the flush.

Anyway, I couldn't beat him in a bigger pot. I took down a few small pots off him but that was nothing because everytime the pot got big he got there. He was doing this to everyone though so I can't really bitch too much.

Later on, we got down to short handed and a guy came from the $400 game. Everybody immediately identified him as a bad player who was a "hit and runner" and not really up to par with the $500 game calibre player. So, he came in already with no respect. Then, he started hollywooding on every freaking decision whether it was a preflop limp or a river $70 bet. We were all immediately annoyed, so I just went after him. I limped with AA and broke him off for $400+ when he flopped a K and I slowplayed him. Then I checkraised him with two pair out of the BB and he paid me off with top pair. He, somehow, got paid off big with a big hand and got up $2000+ on his $500 buyin. He eventually lost it all to Timmy (rich ex-NHL player) in a $3800 pot when he went all in for $1100 more over Timmy's $500 turn raise on a board of Ks Jh 5s 5h. This guy had KJ to Timmy's 5d9d.

As for me, I lost a preflop race to this guy when he was short and I had 1010 vs his AQ before he got his big $2000 pot. After he was busted, I bluffed a few pots and took a big draw against Timmy that missed. I ended up losing a little less than my 2nd buyin and was down about $1100 in the game. Again, there weren't many interesting hands. Since most of the pots are multiway there isnt lots of thought that can go into a hand because its reallly hard to put more than one or two people on a hand. I really wanted this blog to be what it was in earlier posts where I go in depth in the dissection of a hand. Unfortunately, those have been in short supply recently. Hopefully, I can witness more of these and not just be reporting all the superficialities of sessions.

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