Saturday, May 5, 2007

Just Card Dead

I went up to HP tonight rather early around 6pm and sat in the $400 game. I was doing well when I raised with AsKh and the board came Ks Qs 8s and got it all in vs 10s 7s on the flop and caught a Ad and 3s on the turn and river. We got down to short handed and I got a huge bad beat. On a board of 997 rainbow, I got it all in vs 89 with my 9 10 in a $900 pot and the turn came 3 and river came 8. That was nasty.

After that hand, the table broke about 20 minutes later and I went to play in the $500 unrestricted game. The game was great with over $30K on the table. There was alot of action too, but I was getting NO HANDS. I got a few suited Aces (Ah4h, As6s) and an AJoff or two but outside of that I got no hands to play in good situations. I sat at that table for 2.5 hours or so until I saw the 3 action players get busted on some ridiculous hands. For instance: After three limpers, the SB (an old, big stacked bad player) raised to $50. Jon (an experienced good player) called as well as one other on the button. The flop came down 5 7 2 rainbow. SB bet something like $125 and only Jon called. The turn was a 9. SB bet out $350 and Jon raised to $1100. They both were very deep stacked. SB called. The river came another 2 ( the board has all 4 suits) for a board of 2 5 7 9 2. The pot is about $2600 and the SB goes allin for $3400+. After a long, long study Jon finally calls the $3400+ bet. After the SB turns over his KK, Jon shows his 86off for the straight and rakes in the $9500+ pot.
I was no where near any of these types of pots :(.


Rick said...

Interesting hand there with the KK vs 86. I don't like that river bet by the guy with KK. Seems like people do that all the time. What is that? Is it a bluff, or a value bet? He's beating QQ, JJ, TT, all of which might call, but who limps in and then just calls 50 with those hands? He's also beating 97 and 75. But 86 or any set will call. And, the 86 guy could've had nothing but a bluff, in which case KK should've let him bet. It seems like the philosophy is just "I'm gonna call if he goes all-in, so I might as well go all-in myself." Not far from: me have good hand; me go all in.

Danyul said...