Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Another Yucky Short Session

Not much to talk about in this one. Got to a nice, relatively passive table and saw a few flops and folded. Raised with AKoff and won the blinds. Then 45 minutes in I limp in 4th position after two limpers with As6s. There ends up being 5 total players seeing the $50 pot that comes down Ah Qh 7s. An early position player (who is very easy to read) bets a very weak $20 into the pot after which the player directly after him calls quickly. I know the first bettor is weak and will fold an A that is lower than A 10 and based on his play he doesn't have even that. The second guy i know is on a draw. So i raise to $85. The first bettor debates and finally folds whereas the second player promptly raises me all in. I was taken aback but I still thought he was on a draw as this particular player would have raised with AK-AJ preflop and would raise the first bettor if he had A7 or a set. So I had about $180 left and the pot was already $240+ so I quickly called and turned over my hand saying "No heart dealer". Of course he turned the 10h and then rivered the 2h and the other player had 5h6h. No biggie, but he had flush draw written on his forehead and if he thought about it, he would have realized he had no fold equity in the hand. But what can you do?

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