Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Some quick thoughts about the HORSE game monday night. First of all, YAY! we finally got it going. Thank to Rick for hosing, you did a great job and everything went off without a hitch (that I know of). I was very pleasantly surprised to see two (!) tables running at once even if one was a low stakes learning table. I don't really have any hand analysis because our game moved quickly and I was still trying to get accustomed to the games to be able to recall all the action and situational variables as well as the cards in some of the games. I do know, however, that 7 card stud High is by far my worst game. I did the best in Razz. I am not sure if I am necessarily good at that game, though. I was gifted with starting with a bunch of 2 3 4s and related holdings that made it alot easier. 7 card stud Hi Low I did decently well in and Omaha 8 I did decently well in. Split pot games I like because there always seems to be some dead 3 way action that gets split between two winners. I scooped a couple of pots but that's not because I had nut high and nut low. One omaha hand I had nut high with no low possible and one stud 8 hand I had nut high beating another high chaser with no low chaser. So, again, not too convincing. I did hemorrage a bit in Limit hold'em and definetly in Stud high. I found myself chasing a bit too much in both of these games based on pot odds with not enough cards odds to get there. I think my biggest problem in Stud  will just have to be tightening up on 3rd street. Supposedly, hidden 66s and related hands are not too useful against a raise if your upcard is not threatening. Something like 66 4 with the 4 up is going to cost you in the long run as you have no scare cards. That I need to work on.
All in all, I liked the $3/$6 cash game format and so did everyone else at the "high stakes" table. We should probably continue in that vein. I had to buyin twice but I made a surge on my second buyin and ended up only down $16 on the night. Not too shabby considering. I look forward to the next one. Hopefully, we can make this a weekly occurence and we can get in 1-2 more HORSE nights before I head off to Vegas for the WSOP.

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Reza said...

Oh I didnt know you would have low stakes learning table. I will definitely come next time if low stakes table will still be running. I have no idea how to play Razz and Hi/Lo games.