Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Another Brickhouse and a very tough call

So like a few weeks ago I had another brickhouse session where I sat down and just got rolled over by the deck. I originally went to Hollywood Park but as I got there the $400 game broke. Shows what I know going to a casino at 1am. But, surprisingly, the $500 unrestricted was still going strong with 2 tables. The second table was short handed and pretty aggressive so I didn't want to sit down in that. I had heard that not long before I got there, there had been a $30K pot followed directly afterward by a $15K pot. I sure wished I would have been there for that. But I decided to go to Commerce instead. It was quite a good decision. I sat down at a very good table with some weak people i had played with before. On my second round at the table I limped with 4d6d in position and someone made it $20 and 6 people called including me. The flop came 5c 7d 9d giving me an open ended straight draw along with my flush draw. Someone led out for $45 followed by a call and I went all in for about $375. No one called and I took down the $200 pot. Then another round later I called an early position raise in the SB with AKoff. The 4 way $120 flop came down Ac 7c 7s. I led out for $80 and it folded around to the button who was an incredibly bad player who min raised to $160. Now I knew he wasn't on the draw most likely. So he either had a 7 or an A. I was in check call mode unless the bets got huge. So I called. The $440 turn card was the beautiful Ad. I checked, he bet a measely $50, I checkraised to $200 and he went all in. I called and figured it was a chop that he got lucky on but no he turned over K7 and doubled me up to about $11-1200. Then about 6 hands later after 3 limpers i raised to $60 with KK and it folded to the UTG limper who I have played with before who isnt too good. He made it $160. Now I had another $1100 behind at this point and he had about $8-900 behind so I didn't want to give him a chance to catch up if he was behind and I didn't want to get stacked if he had AA so I reraised him $200 more to $360 preparing to fold if he went all in. He was confused and quickly called without thinking. Whew! I knew he didn't have Aces. The door card was the As and my heart sank until the rest of the flop came out. As K h 9c. He checked, and I checked figuring he either had AK or QQ, JJ. In which, he had 2 outs and I wanted to make him feel comfortable and make him think maybe I had QQ. So i checked back. The turn brough an off suit 8. He bet $200 into the $750 pot. I raised him all in here as he only had about $5-600 more. He called and had AK and I scooped the $2000 + pot. I then won a $300 plus pot with the nut flush 5 hands later. So I was rolling heavy in just an hour and half period with these big pots combined with a few small pots steals along the way.
Then this big one comes up. One player limps in, the cutoff ( a fairly tight player) raises to $45. I have Ks Jc on the button, not a great hand but I was rushing and I had the button so I called. The BB called and so did the limper. So we took the 4 way $180 flop of Kh Jh 4d. BB checked, first limper checked, Original Raiser bet out $125. I then raised to $325 for value and the BB folded. All of a sudden the limper in the pot goes all in for $1630. I had seen him do something close to this about an hour before when he went all in for $500 on the nut flush draw in a big multiway pot but it was much less money comparitively. As I am thinking about this, the original raiser regretfully puts all his money in as well! He only had about $700 total (my $325 plus another $375). So here I am with top two pair and two all ins in front of me. I have to call $1305 into a pot of ~$2700-$2800. I am getting 2:1 with top two pair. I know based on the original raisers mannerisms that he is not happy. So he doesn't have KK or JJ. He either has AA or AK, with the outside chance of something like AhQh. I didn't think the big all in guy had AA, KK, or JJ as I think I would have heard something from him preflop based on how I had seen him play so far. So I had him on 3 hands. Either KJ, 44, or a big draw (AhQh, Qh10h, Ah 10h, or AhXh). I didn't really think he would have had J4 or K4 but I would have been delighted if that was included in his range. So out of my analysis, I was chopping with one, needing a 4 outer against the other and ahead but needing to dodge some outs against the draw. Mathematically its hard to say which is the best option. I gave a little more credence to the drawing option as I had seen him do something similar. So i put him about 45% on the draw, 35% on KJ, and 20% on 44. After the original raiser put his extra $600 into the pot I felt my 2:1 pot odds were enough to gamble with so I called after a long think. It turns out the $1600 all in guy did indeed have KJ and the original raiser had AA. The AAs didn't improve and we chopped up his money in the $4200+ pot. I am still not sure if that was a good call or not. The pots odds generated by the AAs dead"ish" money were too great and compensated for the possibility of me being behind.
After that hand, most of the action players left and while there was lots of money on the table, it was in the hands of tighter players. I am still in rebuilding mode so I went against my mantra of riding the rush and decided to call it an early evening and ended my 2 hour session up $2400+.


Rick said...

That last hand was very interesting. In a way it's too bad that you told us the result. Otherwise, reasonably intelligent people might have had different opinions about your call there. (And Reza might have chimed in as well.)

I think the fact that the pre-flop raiser called makes it especially tough. If he's a reasonably good player, he's got to fold there with AK or worse, right? Some Eli Elezra types might just think "me have high pair, me go all in". But if he's at all good, there aren't too many hands he could be calling with. Maybe AA or the nut flush draw, but then, they can't BOTH have the nut flush draw.... So, if the pre-flop raiser was a good player, then after he calls it's really not looking good for you. Tough one! To be honest, I'm not sure what I'd do in that situation. I know I've folded AK in a situation like that, but top two pairs.... wow. I guess one way to look at it is that you have the next best hand after 44, and since you'd definitely call in a heartbeat with 44, I guess you have to lean towards calling here as well. Very tough though.

Reza said...

haha Rick, dont make fun of me please. Since Dan played this hand in position, I have no problem with calling Had he been in SB again, I wouldve made some more noises though. lol j/k.