Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A Small Hiccup

So the upcurve is still on its way up but i hit a blip today. I was at the 400 restriced buyin at commerce (my most often played game and therefore my most comfortable game) and I was just card dead. The best hands I saw were AQoff UTG and AQsuited in early position. That's it. The only "significant" pot I won was calling with 10h4h on the button after UTG opened for 30 and two callers before me. Flop came 5 6h 7h and it got checked to me and I bet out 75 into the 130 pot and got no callers. Other than that I pretty much got blinded off because not only was I playing tight but I had nothing to work with. This is one of the pitfalls of the short buyin game, you have to gamble early (much like a rebuy tournament) to get some working chips and I couldnt seem to do that. In fact, my only real regret on the whole night is only a semi-regret. Recently, I have noticed that I have a love fetish with suited connectors and I tend to play them out of position for raises too often, so I vowed to stop calling raises out of position without a solid read on the raiser. So, of course, a new guy raises to 40 two before the button and there is one caller before me and I have 8d9d in the small blind. I reluctantly fold and the flop comes K 9 9 with two clubs. A nice CB comes from the raiser and gets called. Then the 9h comes on the turn. The raiser ended up having a nice pair for a boat or the king because he checked the turn and bet the river and got no call. So i guess i can't rely on results oriented thinking due to my new resolution.

Tomorrow will be better.

On another note, I have noticed that when I try to put myself in a positive mood its not as genuine feeling as I would like. So I am trying a little experiment. A lot of times when I play I start the day off by loafing around the apt for a few hours and really doing nothing until I go play. Sometimes I have a restless/lethargic feeling when I play. My hypothesis is that if i can occupy my day preceding playing somehow and achieve some sort of accomplishment, however small it may be, it will improve my playing outlook and overall mood. This includes just running necessary errands, doing laundry, cleaning the house, cooking, or some sort of physical activity such as Basketball or weightlifting. As a psychology major, I always read about therapies for depression that involved small victory steps each day and I could logically make the connection but it seemed very hard to empathize with. Now that i am trying it myself, I feel as though its not as much touchy-feeling bullshit as I thought.

Further Results Pending.

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