Wednesday, March 28, 2007


So tonight I felt as though I played moderately well. I made two mistakes (that I can immediately tell were mistakes) and thats about it. I potcommited myself by raising preflop with 78s and making a contination bet after flop a gutshot on a 5 high board. When someone moved in with Jacks I was getting over 4 to 1 to call and my reasoning was that since the board had two diamonds there was a chance he could very well have had two diamonds and overcards in which case I could have had 7 outs. Even by that logic its a bad to marginal at best call, the main reason I called is because I think it would have really looked bad if I built a 300+ pot and couldnt call 80 on a 5 high board. But in the end all i did was waste another 80. The second mistake I made was not pulling the trigger and trusting my read. I had A 5 on the button and the J 7 4 rainbow flop was checked around, the 5 came on the turn and this kid bet out. I called as I was about 90% sure he had just a 6 and was betting on the draw. The river brought the 6 and he checked. I checked and he did turn over the K 6. I had the right read but I didn't make the necessary bet to get him off the 6 on the river. All in all, the hand was a bit weird. So those were my two mistakes.
The 7 8 hand got me short kind of early on and I had to struggle and steal some limp blinds to get back up to about 160 or so and then got it all in preflop with Korean Mike (a Commerce staple) with Ad 4d. He said he had AJ but he was moving fast the last hour or so and kept telling me how he wanted to double me up by going after my short stack. But anyway, he said he had Ace high before the flop of Qd 7d 4c and after the Kh and the Qs came he mucked his hand, so I believe AJ. That table broke two hands after the A5 misstep on my part, so I went to a new table. My first hand sitting on the new table, two people limp in and I get Kh Kd in the cutoff and raise to $45. Dudley (another Commerce regular) asks how much I have and if i want to gamble. I replied, "It depends, what do you have?" Fully trying to emulate weakness, apparently it worked becuase he went all in and I called. He turned over AcKc. So, naturally, I was happy. Of course, as the dealer opens the door card its the Ah. Then just so I wasnt to feel like I had a chance the board came Ah 4c 7c giving Dudley top pair, top kicker and the nut flush draw. We're not done yet. The turn brings the As. Now I am drawing dead to win the pot as the case Ks would give him the higher boat but interestingly enough I case Ad brings a bad beat jackpot so we are all yelling Ace. No, just the 7c to bring the nut flush to improve his unbeatable trip Aces to an unbeatable Ace high flush.

Whatev, I'm still postive.


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