Thursday, March 29, 2007

My Bad

So this was pretty much all me who screwed up this session. I started out playing extremely tight. Which worked for a while because i doubled up when i turned a straight and then stole a few pots. My image was squeaky tight and I ran a three bullet bluff on a guy that ended up not working. From there it was still fine because I was still up about $100 or so. Then I made a big hand where i flopped top and bottom against top pair with a big kicker and again doubled up. This put me to about $1100. A pretty good sum for only about 3 hours into the session. Then two hands later i call a small raise with 7d8d and the flop comes Ad Jd 2d in a 5 way pot. We eventually get it all in on the turn when the 5c comes out and of course he was trapping with Kd Qd. I lost $650 on that pot. :(:( !! After that I pretty much went on tilt. I tried to power poker a few pots and wasn't able too as someone with a flush draw went all in. I knew he was weak but he was probably stronger than me as I had no pair or even an Ace. So i had to fold. Then when i got down to $180 I limped with 10 8 and the so did 5 others giving a 6 way pot that came down 6 7 8 rainbow. One guy bet 30 and again, I knew he couldn't call my allin. The problem was the texture of the board, the fact that so many limped in and there were still 3 behind me. Tilt came in again and I went all in and prayed no one called and I could take down the $100 or so and start rebuilding. Even if i got called by something like 6 7 or 7 8 I could win with a 9 or 10. One guy called and the turn came a 10 which gave me some hope. The river 3, though, made his flopped 4 5 straight just a bit longer. This still may be the tilt talking but I really don't respect flopping the nuts as a blind monkey can play it. Also, I am starting to hate taking the lead in betting without an absolute monster. So many people call that you can never be comfortable with your holding, even in No-Limit. I think I would shoot myself if i played limit. At this point in time I think I may be too tempermental for that type of betting structure. I sure hope that, again, this is the tilt talking.

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