Tuesday, November 4, 2008

So I Got Barred from Hustler for 30 Days


I am now officially barred from Hustler Casino for 30 days. A dealer was extremely rude to me and I complained to the shift manager about it. After interviewing the dealer and the wife of a player at the table (who is ALSO a dealer at Hollywood Park), the shift manager threatens me before even hearing my side of the story. He then explains that he has corroborating evidence from "numerous" (read: 1 person not in the game) players in the game, the dealer, the floorman, and that all these angles agree I was bullying/abusing the dealer. I explain the situation that occurred which resulted in genuine confusion that had me paying 3 blinds instead of just small and big. When I corrected the dealer he made some rude remarks that I didnt appreciate and then later interrupted a conversation I was having with my neighbor about he situation. I brusquely told him "Just deal" as I was not interested in talking to him or hearing anything he had to say. This came back around as I told him to "Shutup and Deal" and that I abused him.
I spoke with Paulie the floorman after I was barred by Jacob the shift manager and Paul had no idea of what was going on. Therefore, Jacob the shift manager DID NOT have the story of the floorman at the time (I did not call Paul over at the time, nor did the dealer complain to the floor about me) nor did he have any of the viewpoints of the players in the game besides an onlooking off duty dealer (biased? No comment).
As far as I can tell, I broke no rules that should result in a 30 day barring. I did disagree with Jacob the shift manager as to his lying and poor handling of the situation. Obviously, had I not brought up the situation to Jacob in the first place, there would have been no controversy. Richard, the rude dealer in this instance, had not complained of his own accord and merely espoused his grievances only when prompted.
I will be following up on this hopefully with other casino personel that aren't going to be so jaded and heavy handed with their actions.

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Craig Berger said...

Congratulations! You are now a true poker player! Don't sweat it man, it's the fucking HUSTLER. The place is a shithole. They did you a favor.