Wednesday, May 21, 2008

An interesting Hand

This hand occurred at the Hustler 5 -5 blind NLHE game. I have about $2000 at the beginning of the hand and the villain ( who is reasonably tight) has about $1500.

I am in the Small blind with 3s 5s. UTG limps, 2nd position (villian) limpts, and fold around to button. Button is a tight but predictable guy who raises to $25. I call and so does the villain, UTG folds. $80 flop comes down Js 10d 4s. I check my flush draw and villain leads into the raiser for $20. Raiser sighs and folds and I call with my flush draw. Turn brings the 7h. Now I have a flush draw and now a hidden gutshot straight draw. I decide to lead with a blocking bet and mimic 89 to try and slow down the bettor a bit if he has a J. I bet out $40 into the $120 pot. He promptly and with little thought raises to $140. So he obviously didnt believe me on the 89 and he likes his hand. Since we have so much money behind and I have a hidden straight draw along with my flush draw i figure my implied odds are quite high as I really do not put him on 89 of any variety. So I decide to call this $100.
The river comes the 10s for a final board of 4s Js 10d 7h 10s. I have made my flush so I lead out $250 into the $360 pot. He insta/turbo/without thinking or hesitation moves all in for $1200 +. Sigh....I know that I cant call $1000 for this small pot on this board. I can't really find a hand that I can beat. I can barely hope he bet out into the preflop raiser on the flop with a low straight draw 89 on the flop and is putting me on A10 or something like that but he has to have at the minimum AsXs here.
It was rather stupid of me to lead out into the paired board when my obvious flush hit when I am out of position. HIs range of hands has to be J10, all sets, Aj, AsXs, 89 and maybe KQ. Of those hands, I am beating only KQ and AJ. Neither of which this player would snap raise all in for 4X the pot on the river. So of his possible range I am really trying to value bet the very bottom of his range. Praying for a call from AJ or an oddly played QQ, KK, or AA. I can't put him on a dry 10 to lead into the tight raiser with just second pair on the flop. So in essence, I can't beat anything that he can call me with. So once again, I play a flush badly versus a boat. This time though the session on a positive note although I lost about $450 on that hand.


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Reza said...

Call preflop is still a little marginal to me as you're out of position and stacks aren't that deep yet but it's fine I guess. However I dont like the lead bet on turn. When someone leads into the preflop raiser on the flop, I find it very hard to believe they will fold/slow down by a random turn bet by flop cold caller. Would you really lead out if you had 89 or would you go for a check-raise in that spot?

From the way you described the opponent and the way hand has developed it looks like he had flopped a set so I think check/calling river is probably the best with a baby flush on paired board like that.