Saturday, May 17, 2008

Addendum to "Absolute Bitch Post"

Adding another serious runner runner beat to the list:

My hand: 9h 9d My opponent's hand: Qd Qs

Flop: 9c 4d 7d (both parties all in) Turn: 2d River: 6d


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Rick said...

I've got one for you.
$400 game, 8-handed, blinds 5/10, but this round everyone's agreed to also put on a $20 dead straddle.
My turn to dead straddle. 4 players limp for $20 each. I still haven't looked at my cards. Flop comes T54 rainbow. The big blind checks, and I check, still without looking. It checks around to the button, who is the only really loose/aggressive player at the table. He bets $45. The big blind folds, and I now look at my cards and see pocket tens. I figure he probably just has a 5 or 4 (or hopefully 54) so don't want to scare him off, so I just call. The others fold. The turn is a 7, I check, he bets $100, I raise all-in for $215 more. He thinks a while and then calls. The river is an 8, and he takes down the pot with 96 offsuit.