Tuesday, June 5, 2007


So I have been in Vegas for about half a week so far. Once again, its a mad house because of the WSOP. I have yet to play any of the events because 1. I want to get warmed up tournament wise before I play some so I plan to play either satellites or one of the Deep Stack Extravaganza events. 2. I have been playing cash so far and it has been semi successful. I say semi because while the games have been really soft and great I did have a hugely losing session where I just got buried. I have played 4-5 sessions where I have won everytime except for one. I even had a very nice +$5K session at Caesar's Palace when there were some big stacked drunk guys who wanted to bluff every hand. It also helped that one of the drunk guys picked up KK vs my AA and wanted to play a $6K+ pot all in preflop. But my buried alive session was gross because I was up and being the big, big stack at the table I managed to double almost everyone at the table up once. I just kept getting coolered. I flopped two pair about 10 times that night and managed to lose about 8 of them. I also misplayed a few hands which is natural for a losing session. I even flopped the second nut straight vs an over pair in a 3 way reraised pot and tried to get trappy. Well the third person in the hand had second pair on the board (7) with a K kicker in a reraised pot preflop and managed to catch runner runner boat to win the $3K pot. So in hindsight, if i played simplistically and "protected" my 90% equity I would have won the $1K pot . Instead, I took a 10% "gamble" to win a much bigger pot. Anyway, I don't have much to talk about for that session as I have ruminated enough on it already. It was a close call between two of the biggest poker decisions. Stay in a game where the players are bad and the opportunities are available to win or leave a game where you have taken a few hits to your emotional stability? In this case, combined with the run of cards I managed to choose the latter incorrect one.
I am staying with Arnulfo and Mae instead of renting a house on my own. In the end I like this option alot better. I did want to have my own pool to get some physical exercise on a daily basis but I get to hang out and do non-poker stuff with them and Arnulfo is always up for an intellectual discussion; poker related or not. This is a welcome refreshment from the usual poker droves that I would be stuck with and helps to keep my head in the "real world".
The games here are quite easy as very few people put pressure back on you. It essentially comes down to game selection as always because you can look and find really sweet, soft tourist games no matter what your stakes. Or you can find local, grinder games where no one but the house wins because everyone is a rock. Worst case scenario there, or 2nd worst is you can find a strong game with Loose Aggressive Players (LAG) who give action but who play tricky enough and aggressive enough to bust you on a mistep.
I have been talking with my cousin Jason and he is planning on coming out for my birthday (June 29th) with my aunt. So I look forward to that as he is a very adept poker player and fun to be with.
More updates coming later.

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Rick said...

Good luck and keep the posts coming! I wonder if you'll run into Mats, who should be over there somewhere too I think. Hopefully you'll be sitting across from him at various final tables....